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Meet organization essentials designed to last longer and work beautifully in any room.
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Getting organized feels better with Open Spaces

A new standard of durable storage solutions designed to grow with you

High-quality materials chosen for a lower impact and a longer lifespan

Intentionally sized for a wide range of items, use cases, and spaces

"The newly launched home organization brand Open Spaces is here to make storage less daunting and more tailored to your needs."

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Beautiful products with soft textures and natural colors you'll want on display

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Engineered to last
from move to move

A higher standard of design for smart, durable solutions made of premium materials that will grow with you

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Organize the Open
Spaces Way

Instructional audio recordings, exercises, and more—all meant to help you get organized

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Having a place set aside for an activity you love makes it more likely that you’ll do it.

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