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Underbed Storage Bins

The felt material gives our Underbed Storage Bins unique character–from minor color variances to flexible lids which can result in a range of different fits. Here's a short guide to help you use and care for your set today and ten years from now.

5050 Media - Underbed Storage Guide - How do I take care of my set? - Desktop Image

How do I take care of my set?

Our products are designed to be easy to take care of over a long lifespan. For the felt, we recommend vacuuming gently every so often to avoid any dust buildup. For the leather, use gentle all purpose cleaner and wipe clean.

How do I seal the lids?

Due to production process and the flexibility of the felt, each lid will fit differently. One quick trick is to start by hooking the back two corners. Once they're both secure, pretend the small semi-circle above the leather handle is a button and push it in while you lower the front two corners. Check out the video below for another step-by-step tutorial.

5050 Media - Underbed Storage Guide - How do I seal the lids? - Desktop Image

Quick Tips

Here are a few tips from our organizational professionals on how to approach storage under your bed. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at help@patternbrands.com. We'll be here.

If it’s easy to pull a bin out from under your bed, then it’s a great place to stash shoes or bed sheets that you’re not accessing daily but you still need on a regular basis. If accessing the space under your bed is more of a production—then consider storing items like off-season clothing or holiday decorations that you only need once or twice a year.

Before you store or organize anything under your bed, take everything out and clean the space well. Chances are even the cleanest person among us will be a little bit surprised by a few dust bunnies hiding out under the bed. It’s ok though, we all have them. If you’re feeling extra motivated, try to clean the space once every couple months.

Keeping like items together helps you keep track of what you have and what you need. If you have multiple underbed storage bins for one category, consider breaking them down further to make it easier to find what you need when the time comes. For example, rather than having two bins for shoes, you can separate them further by style or occasion. Whatever you can do to make finding what you need easier will help you keep the space tidy.

Underbed storage is an untapped resource of extra space, but don’t let it become a hideaway for items you no longer want. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind is a saying for a reason so try to create the habit of reevaluating what you’ve tucked away. Let’s say you’re storing off-season clothing—when it comes time to swap things out, use it as an excuse to re-evaluate your wardrobe and ensure that you’re only taking out the items you really need. If you find yourself always going for the same three sets of bed sheets, then consider donating the fourth.

Take advantage of the technology that’s available to you and set calendar reminders to swap out your off-season clothings. Swapping out everything at once can definitely feel like an undertaking, but part of the reason you store things under your bed is to create space in your closet so don’t let those items creep out and take over. Setting a reminder will help you get in the right mindset.