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Entryway Rack
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Small Storage Bins - Set of 2
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Nesting Trays - Set of 3
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Medium Bin & Basket Bundle - Set of 4
Our Story

Hi, we’re Open Spaces

After a long day of urgent emails, meetings,

and calls, we do everything we can to slow

down and focus on the important things, such

as friends, loved ones, hobbies, and rest.

Coming home in a
cluttered world

When a rising sensation of burnout began to encroach on our well-being, home became a counterpoint to our busy world–a sacred space to focus on the most fulfilling aspects of our daily lives. But we live in a cluttered world and we’ve found that it’s easy to let that clutter creep into our homes.

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We intend to make
a difference

Through Open Spaces, we’re embracing a new philosophy that focuses on a series of small, more intentional steps. Rather than approaching organization as an added chore, we believe organizing our homes can create the physical and mental space to be more mindful in our everyday habits and routines. Our intention is to approach organizing in a way that’s empathetic, flexible, and more sustainable.

Create space
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Offering only
the essentials

Our considered line of products is designed to look beautiful, work together, and grow with you. We pared our offering down to exactly what you need because we want you to use our products for years to come–whether you’re looking to organize, decorate, reduce or showcase items that are most meaningful to you.

Our Story
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Plus guidance to help
you get started

We learned a great deal while researching products and methods, talking to friends, and getting organized ourselves. So we decided to develop our own approach. We call it the Open Spaces way. It’s meant to be practical, human, and sustainable. More than an all-at-once overhaul, it is a way to build better organizational habits for everyday life.

As a proud member of the Pattern family of brands, we will be committing one percent of proceeds to neighborhood-based organizations through an initiative called Give One.
We created Give One as an extension of the Pattern family to help communities around the country better enjoy daily life.