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Think of organization as a skill, not a trait.

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Tidy Mindset

It feels nice to be called organized. The downside? It sends the message that organization is something you’re born with. But like just about anything else, you can learn to be organized. It’s all about building the skills to create the systems that work for you, and it gets easier over time.
For inspiration, we look to the writing of Stanford researcher and author of the acclaimed book Mindset.

“You don’t know what your abilities are until you make a full commitment to developing them.”

- Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

She claims that having a fixed mindset, or believing that your skills and abilities aren’t changeable, keeps you from learning. A growth mindset, on the other hand, or believing that you can develop your intelligence and abilities over time, can give you the power to grow.

This applies to organization as well as anything else. While some of us are born with a knack for it, teachable skills make up the most of being organized. It’s all about practice. Even if you’ve struggled to keep things tidy in the past, you can do it. We’re here to help.